Hymn 451
Approach, my soul, the mercy-seat

1. Approach, my soul, the mercy-seat, Where Jesus answers prayer; There humbly fall before His feet, For none can perish there. 2. Thy promise is my only plea; With this I venture nigh; Thou callest burdened souls to Thee, And such, O Lord, am I. 3. Bowed down beneath a load of sin, By Satan sorely pressed, By war without and fears within, I come to Thee for rest. 4. Be Thou my Shield and Hiding place, That, sheltered near Thy side, I may my fierce accuser face, And tell him Thou hast died. 5. O wondrous love I to bleed and die, To bear the Cross and shame, That guilty sinners such as I, Might plead Thy gracious Name!

Hymn 451 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu