Hymn 454
O God, thou art the Father

1 O God, thou art the Father of all that have believed: from whom all hosts of angels have life and power received. 2 O God, thou art the maker of all created things, the righteous Judge of judges, the almighty King of kings. 3 High in the heavenly Zion thou reignest God adored; and in the coming glory thou shalt be Sovereign Lord. 4 Beyond our ken thou shinest, the everlasting Light; ineffable in loving, unthinkable in might. 5 Thou to the meek and lowly thy secrets dost unfold; O God, thou doest all things, all things both new and old. 6 I walk secure and blessèd in every clime or coast, in name of God the Father, and Son, and Holy Ghost.

Hymn 454 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu