Hymn 458
O Light that knew no dawn

1 O Light that knew no dawn, that shines to endless day, all things in earth and heaven are lustered by thy ray; no eye can to thy throne ascend, nor mind thy brightness comprehend. 2 Thy grace, O Father, give, that I may serve in fear; above all boons, I pray, grant me thy voice to hear; from sin thy child in mercy free, and let me dwell in light with thee: 3 That, cleansed from stain of sin, I may meet homage give, and, pure in heart, behold thy beauty while I live; clean hands in holy worship raise, and thee, O Christ my Savior, praise. 4 In supplication meek to thee I bend the knee; O Christ, when thou shalt come, in love remember me, and in thy kingdom, by thy grace, grant me a humble servant's place. 5 Thy grace, O Father, give, I humbly thee implore; and let thy mercy bless thy servant more and more. All grace and glory be to thee, from age to age eternally.

Hymn 458 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu