Hymn 468
Jesus, Saviour ever mild

Jesus, Saviour ever mild, Born for us a little Child, Of the Virgin undefiled; Hear us, Holy Jesus. Jesus, at whose infant feet, Shepherds, coming Thee to greet, Knelt to pay their worship meet; Hear us, Holy Jesus. Jesus unto whom of yore, Wise men, hastening to adore, Gold and myrrh and incense bore; Hear us, Holy Jesus. From all pride and vain conceit, From all spite and angry heat, From all lying and deceit, Save us, Holy Jesus. From all sloth and ideness, From not caring for distress, From all lust and greediness, Save us, Holy Jesus. From refusing to obey, From the love of our own way, From forgetfulness to pray, Save us, Holy Jesus. By thy path bright and pure, By the pains Thou didst endure, Our salvation to procure, Save us, Holy Jesus. By the Name we bow before, Human Name, which evermore, All the host of heaven adore, Save us, Holy Jesus. By Thine own unconquered might, By Thy glory in the height, By Thy mercies infinite, Save us, Holy Jesus.

Hymn 468 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu