Hymn 472
For Thee, my God, for Thee alone

1. For Thee, my God, for Thee alone, My spirit longs with ardent love; On earth beside Thee there is none, And none but Thee in heaven above. 2. Fulfill, O God, my heartís desires; While I look up, look down to bless; Each holy wish Thy grace inspires May I in Thy deep love possess. 3. Now in this stillness, as the breath, Of prayer steals upward to the skies, O give my soul the wings of faith That it to Thee may gladly rise. 4. That, breaking through each fleshly link Which binds its being to the clod, At lifeís clear wellspring it may drink, Rejoicing in the smile of God.

Hymn 472 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu