Hymn 486
Our Father! Thy dear Name doth show

1 Our Father! Thy dear Name doth show The greatness of thy love; All are thy children here below As in thy heaven above. One family on earth are we Throughout its widest span: O help us everywhere to see The brotherhood of man. 2 Alike we share thy tender care; We trust one heavenly Friend; Before one mercy-seat in prayer In confidence we bend; Alike we hear thy loving call; One heavenly vision scan, One Lord, one faith, one hope for all, The brotherhood of man. 3 Bring in, we pray, the glorious day When battle cries are stilled; When bitter strife is swept away And hearts with love are filled. O help us banish pride and wrong, Which since the world began Have marred its peace; help us make strong The brotherhood of man.

Hymn 486 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu