Hymn 492
O God our father, throned on high

1 O God our father, throned on high, Enrobed in ageless splendor, To thee, in awe and love and joy, Ourselves we would surrender, To live obedient to Thy will As servants to each other, And show our faithfulness to Thee By love to one another. 2 To serve by love! O teach us how; Be this our great vocation To comfort grief, to seek the lost With message of salvation In loving may our full hearts beatí Our words be wise and winning; In helping others may our joy Have ever new beginning. 3 Thee, lord for Thy dear Son we bless; His heart for us was broken; O love! Upon the bitter Cross Thy deepest word was spoken; The echo of that word is heard In love for every brother; So test we, Lord our love for thee, By loving one another.

Hymn 492 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu