Hymn 493
Father of men, in whom are one

1 Father of men, in whom are one All humankind beneath Thy sun, Stablish our work in Thee begun. 2 Except the house be built of Thee, In vain the builder’s toil must be: O strengthen our infirmity. 3 Man lives not for himself alone, In others’ good he finds his own; Life’s worth in fellowship is known. 4 We, friends and comrades on life’s way, Gather within these walls to pray: Bless Thou our fellowship today. 5 O Christ, our elder brother, who By serving man God’s will didst do, Help us to serve our brethren, too. 6 Guide us to seek the things above, The base to shun, the pure approve, To live by Thy free law of love. 7 In all our work, in all our play, Be with us, Lord, our friend, our stay; Lead onward to the perfect day: 8 Then may we know, earth’s lesson o’er, With comrades missed or gone before, Heaven’s fellowship for evermore.

Hymn 493 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu