Hymn 494
Fair waved the golden corn

1 Fair waved the golden corn in Canaan's pleasant land, when, full of joy, some shining morn, went forth the reaper-band. 2 To God so good and great their cheerful thanks they pour; then carry to his temple-gate the choicest of their store. 3 For thus the holy word, Spoken by Moses, ran; The first ripe ears are for the Lord, The rest He gives to man. 4 Like Israel, Lord, we give our earliest fruits to thee, and pray that, long as we shall live, we may thy children be. 5 Thine is our youthful prime, and life and all its powers; be with us in our morning time, and bless our evening hours. 6 In wisdom let us grow, as years and strength are given, that we may serve thy Church below, and join thy saints in heaven.

Hymn 494 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu