Hymn 513
O Lord and Master of us all

1 O Lord and Master of us all, whatever our name or sign, we own thy sway, we hear thy call, we test our lives by Thine. 2 Thou judgest us; thy purity doth all our lusts condemn; the love that draws us nearer thee is hot with wrath to them. 3 Our thoughts lie open to Thy sight; And naked to thy glance, Our secret sins are, in the light, Of Thy pure countenance. 4 Yet weak and blinded though we be, thou dost our service own; we bring our varying gifts to thee, and thou rejectest none. 5 Apart from thee all gain is loss, all labor vainly done; the solemn shadow of the cross is better than the sun. 6 Our Friend, our Brother, and our Lord, What may Thy service be?, Nor name, nor form, nor ritual were, But simply following Thee. 7 We faintly hear, we dimly see, in differing phrase we pray; but, dim or clear, we own in thee the Life, the Truth, the Way.

Hymn 513 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu