Hymn 516
We are but little children weak

1. We are but little children weak, Nor born in any high estate; What can we do for Jesusí sake, Who is so high and good and great? 2. O, day by day, each Christian child Has much to do, without, within, A life to live for Jesusí sake, A constant war to wage with sin. 3. When deep within our swelling hearts The thoughts of pride and anger rise When bitter words are on our tongues And tears of passion in our eyes. 4. Then we may stay the angry blow, Then we may check the hasty word, Give gentle answers back again And fight a battle for our Lord. 5. With smiles of peace and looks of love, Light in our dwellings we may make, Bid kind good-homour brighten there, And still do all for Jesusí sake. 6. Thereís not a child so small and weak But has his little cross to take, His little work of love and praise That he may do for Jesusí sake.

Hymn 516 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu