Hymn 520
Workman of God! O lose not heart

1. Workman of God! O lose not heart, But learn what God is like; And in the darkest battlefield Thou shalt know where to strike. 2. Thrice blest is he to whom is given The instinct that can tell That God is on the field, when He Is most invisible. 3. He hides Himself so wondrously, As though there were no God; He is least seen when all the powers, Of ill are most aboard. 4. Ah! God is other than we think; His ways are far above, Far beyond reasonís height, and reached , Only by childlike love. 5 Then learn to scorn the praise of men, And learn to lose with God, For Jesus won the world through shame, And beckons thee His road. 6. For right is right, since God is God, And right the day must win; To doubt would be disloyalty, To falter would be sin.

Hymn 520 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu