Hymn 524
Jesus, Lord of life and glory

1 Jesus, Lord of life and glory, bend from heaven thy gracious ear; while our waiting souls adore thee, Friend of helpless sinners, hear: Refrain: by thy mercy, O deliver us, good Lord. 2 From the depth of nature's blindness, from the hardening power of sin, from all malice and unkindness, from the pride that lurks within, [Refrain] 3 When temptation sorely presses, In the day of Satan's power, In our times of deep distresses, In each dark and trying hour, [Refrain] 4 When the world around is smiling, in the time of wealth and ease, earthly joys our hearts beguiling, in the day of health and peace, [Refrain] 5 In our weary hours of sickness, in our times of grief and pain, when we feel our mortal weakness, when the creature's help is vain, [Refrain] 6 In the solemn hour of dying, in the awful Judgment Day, may our souls, on thee relying, find thee still our rock and stay: [Refrain]

Hymn 524 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu