Hymn 525
In The Hour Of Trial, Jesus, Pray For Me

1 In The Hour Of Trial, Jesus, Pray For Me Lest By Base Denial, I Depart From Thee; When Thou Seest Me Waver, With A Look Recall Nor For Fear Or Favour Suffer Me To Fall. 2 With Its Witching Pleasures Would This Vain World Charm, Or Its Sordid Treasures Spread To Work Me Harm, Bring To My Remembrance Said Gethsemane, Or In Darker Semblance, Cross-Crowned Calvary. 3 If With Sore Affliction Thou In Love Chastise, Pour Thy Benediction On The Sacrifice, Then, Upon Thine Altar, Freely Offered Up, Though The Flesh May Falter, Faith Shall Drink The Cup. 4 When In Dust And Ashes, To The Grave I Sink, While Heavenís Glory Flashes Over The Shelving Brink, On Thy Truth Relying, Through That Mortal Strife, Lord, Receive Me, Dying, To Eternal Life.

Hymn 525 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu