Hymn 531
O God of truth, whose living word

1 O God of truth, whose living word upholds whatever hath breath, look down on thy creation, Lord, enslaved by sin and death. 2 Set up thy standard, Lord, that we who claim a heavenly birth, may march with thee to smite the lies That vex thy groaning earth. 3 Fain would we join the blest array, And follow in the might, Of Him, the faithful and the true, In raiment clean and white. 4 Yet who can fight for truth and God? Enthralled by lies and sin! He who would wage such war on earth must first be true within. 5 O, God of truth, for whom we long, O Thou that hearest prayer, do thine own battle in our hearts, and slay the falsehood there. 6 So, tried in thy refining fire, from every lie set free, In us thy perfect truth shall dwell , and we may fight for thee.

Hymn 531 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu