Hymn 542
O let him, whose sorrow

1 O let him, whose sorrow No relief can find, Trust in God, and borrow Ease for heart and mind. 2 Where the mourner weeping Sheds the secret tear, God His watch is keeping, Though none else is near. 3 God will never leave thee, All thy wants he knows, Feels the pains that grieve thee, Sees thy cares and woes: 4I f in grief thou languish, He will dry the tear, Who His children’s anguish, Soothes with succor near. 5 All thy woe and sadness, In this world below, Balance not the gladness Thou in heaven shalt know. 6 When thy gracious Saviour In the realms above Crowns thee with His favor, Fills thee with His love.

Hymn 542 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu