Hymn 543
O LORD! how happy should we be

1 O LORD! how happy should we be, If we could cast our care on Thee-- If we from self could rest; And feel at heart that One above, In perfect wisdom, perfect love, Is working for the best. 2 Could we but kneel, and cast our load, Even while we pray, upon our God, Then rise with lightened cheer-- Sure that the Father, who is nigh To still the famished raven's cry, Will hear, in that we fear! 3 We can not trust him as we should, So chafes weak nature's restless mood To cast its peace away; Yet birds and flowerets round us preach, All, all the present evil teach, Sufficient for the day. 4 Lord, make these faithless hearts of ours Such lesson learn from birds and flowers; Make them from self to cease; Leave all things to a Father's will, And taste, before him lying still, Even in affliction, peace.

Hymn 543 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu