Hymn 546
Commit thou all your griefs

1 Commit thou all your griefs and ways into his hands; to his sure truth and tender care, who earth and heaven commands. 2 Who points the clouds their course, whom winds and seas obey, he shall direct your wandering feet, He shall prepare your way. 3 Thou on the Lord rely, So safe shalt thou go on, Fix on His work thy steadfast eyes, So shall thy work be done. 4 No profit canst thou gain, By self-consuming care; To Him commend thy cause, His ear, Attends the softest prayer. 5 Thy everlasting truth, Father Thy ceaseless love, Sees all Thy children’s wants knows, What best for each will prove. 6Thou everywhere hast sway, and all things serve Thy might; Thy every act pure blessing is, Thy path unsullied light.

Hymn 546 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu