Hymn 553
Thy way, not mine, O Lord

1. Thy way, not mine, O Lord, However dark it be! Lead me by Thine own hand; Choose out the path for me. 2. Smooth let it be or rough, It will be still the best; Winding or straight, it leads, Right onward to Thy rest. 3. I dare not choose my lot, I would not if I might; Choose Thou for me, my God, So shall I walk aright. 4. The Kingdom that I seek Is Thine; so let the way That leads to it be Thine, Else I must surely stray. 5. Take Thou my cup, and it With joy or sorrow fill As best to Thee may seem; Choose Thou my good and ill. 6. Choose Thou for me my friends My sickness or my health; Choose Thou my care for me, My poverty or wealth. 7. Not mine, not mine the choice In things or great or small; Be Thou my Guide, my Strength, My Wisdom and my All.

Hymn 553 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu