Hymn 569
Lead, holy Shepherd, lead us

1 Lead, holy Shepherd, lead us, Thy feeble flock, we pray; Thou King of little pilgrims, Safe lead us all the way. 2 In Thy blest footprints guide us, Along the heavenward road; Thine age fills all the ages, Undying Word of God. 3 That life, O Christ, is noblest, Which praises God the blest, A life celestial, nourished, At wisdom’s holy breast. 4 By her good nuture let us, Thy little ones, be fed, And by her guidance gentle Our wandering steps be led. 5 O fill us with Thy spirit, Like morning dew shed down, And with our praises loyal King Jesus we shall crown. 6 O be our lives our tribute, The meed of praise we bring, When thus we join to honour, Our Teacher and our King.

Hymn 569 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu