Hymn 570
O Lord, I sing Thy praises

1 O Lord, I sing Thy praises, Who art my strength and stay, My leader through lifeís mazes, To bring me to Thy way; Thou didst not leave me straying When I afar would go, With heedless footsteps, playing , Upon the brink of woe. 2 For Thou, Thy glory showing Madíst me Thy beauty see; Thy love has been bestowing New life and joy on me. Thou grace and glory givest, Thou art a Sun and Shield, Thou only ever livest, Thy words salvation yield. 3 O Lord, do not forsake me, But guide me as a friend, And strong in heart still make me, For what Thy love may send, Through deathís dark vale victorious, O let me lean on Thee, And let me see Thee glorious, Through all eternity.

Hymn 570 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu