Hymn 573
When from Egypt’s house of bondage

1. When from Egypt’s house of bondage Israel marched, a mighty band, Little children numbered with them Journeyed to the promised land; Little children Trod the desert’s trackless sand. 2. Little children crossed the Jordan, Landed on fair Canaan’s shore; ‘Neath the sheltering vine they rested, Homeless wanderers no more; Little children Sang sweet praise for perils o’er. 3. Saviour, like those Hebrew children, Youthful pilgrims we would be; From the chains of sin and Satan Thou hast died to set us free; We would traverse All the wilderness to Thee. 4. Guide our feeble, erring footsteps; Shade us from the heat by day; Be our light from shadowy nightfall Till the darkness pass away; Jesus, guard us From the dangers of the way. 5. When we reach the cold, dark river, Bid us tremble not nor fear; Be Thou with us in the waters– We are safe if Thou art near; Through the billows Let the emerald bow appear. 6. Then, our pilgrim journey ended, All Thy glory we shall see, Dwell with saints and holy angels, Rest beneath life’s healing tree,– Happy children, Praising, blessing, loving Thee.

Hymn 573 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu