Hymn 577
O HAPPY band of pilgrims

O HAPPY band of pilgrims, If onward ye will tread With Jesus as your fellow To Jesus as your Head! 2 O happy if ye labour As Jesus did for men; O happy if ye hunger As Jesus hungered then! 3 *The cross that Jesus carried He carried as your due; The crown that Jesus weareth, He weareth it for you. 4 *The faith by which ye see him, The hope in which ye yearn, The love that through all troubles To him alone will turn, 5 *What are they but Vaunt-couriers To lead you to his sight? What are they save the effluence Of uncreated light? 6 The trials that beset you, The sorrows ye endure, The manifold temptations That death alone can cure, 7 What are they but his jewels Of right celestial worth? What are they but the ladder Set up to heaven on earth? 8 O happy band of pilgrims, Look upward to the skies, Where such a light affliction Shall win you such a prize!

Hymn 577 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu