Hymn 578
Whither, pilgrims, are you going

1. Whither, pilgrims, are you going, Going each with staff in hand? ’We are going on a journey, Going at our King’s command; Over hills and plains and valleys We are going to His palace, Going to the better land.’ 2. Fear ye not the way so lonely, You a little feeble band? ’No; for friends unseen are near us Holy angels round us stand; Christ our Leader walks beside us He will guard, and He will guide us Guide us to the better land.’ 3. Tell us, pilgrims, what you hope for, In that far off better land? ’Spotless robes and crown of glory, From a Saviour’s loving hand; We shall drink of life’s clear river We shall dwell with God forever In that bright and better land.’ 4. Pilgrims, may we travel with you To that bright and better land ’Come and welcome, come and welcome, Welcome to our pilgrim band Come, O come, and do not leave us Christ is waiting to receive us In that bright and better land.’

Hymn 578 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu