Hymn 585
Days and moments quickly flying

1 Days and moments quickly flying Blend the living with the dead; Soon will you and I be lying Each within his narrow bed. 2 Jesus, infinite Redeemer, Maker of this mighty frame, Teach, O teach us to remember, What we are and whence we came. 3 As a shadow life is fleeting, As a vapour, so it flies; For the bygone years retreating, Pardon grant, make us wise, 4 Wise that we our days may number, Strive and wrestle with our sin, Stay not in our work, nor slumber, Till Thy holy rest we win 5 Jesus, merciful Redeemer, Rouse dead souls to hear Thy voice; Wake, O wake each idle dreamer Now to make the eternal choice. 6 Soon before the Judge all-glorious We with all the dead shall stand; Saviour, over death victorious, Place us then on Thy right hand.

Hymn 585 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu