Hymn 597
BRIEF life is here our portion

1 BRIEF life is here our portion, Brief sorrow, short-lived care; The life that knows no ending, The tearless life is there. 2 O happy retribution, Short toil, eternal rest; For mortals and for sinners A mansion with the blest. 3 There grief is turned to pleasure, Such pleasure as below No human voice can utter, No human heart can know. 4 And now we fight the battle, But then shall wear the crown, Of full and everlasting , And passionless renown. 5 And now we watch and struggle, And now we live in hope, And Zion, in her at cope; anguish, With Babylon must cope; 6 But He whom now we trust in, Shall then be seen and Known, And they that know and see Him, Shall have Him for their own. 7 The morning shall awaken, The shadows shall decay, And each true-hearted servant Shall shine as doth the day. 8 Yes! God, our King and Portion, In fullness of His grace, We then shall see for ever, And worship face to face. 9 O sweet and blessed country, The home of Godís elect! O sweet and blessed country, That eager hearts expect 10 Jesus, in mercy bring us, To that dear land of rest, Who art, with God the Father , And Spirit, ever blest.

Hymn 597 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu