Hymn 598
For thee, O dear, dear country

1 For thee, O dear, dear country, Mine eyes their vigils keep; For very love, beholding Thy happy name, they weep; The mention of thy glory Is unction to the breast, And medicine in sickness, And love, and life, and rest. 2 With jaspers glow thy bulwarks; Thy streets with emeralds blaze; The Sardius and the topaz; unite in thee their rays; Thine at ageless walls are both amethyst unpriced; Thy saints build up its fabric, And the corner-stone is Christ. 3 The Cross is all thy splendor, The Crucified thy praise; His laud and benediction Thy ransomed people raise. Upon the Rock of Ages They raise thy holy tower; Thine is the victor's laurel, And thine the golden dower. 4 O sweet and blessed country, The home of God's elect; O sweet and blessed country, That eager hearts expect! Jesus, in mercy bring us, To that dear land of rest, Who art, with God the Father And Spirit, ever blest.

Hymn 598 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu