Hymn 604
For thy mercy and thy grace

1 For thy mercy and thy grace, faithful through another year, hear our song of thankfulness;, Jesus, our Redeemer, hear. 2 Lo! Our sins on Thee we cast, Thee, our perfect sacrifice, And forgetting all the past, Press towards our glorious prize. 3 Dark the future, let Thy light, Guide us, Bright and Morning star; Fierce our foes, and hard the fight; Arm us, Saviour, for the war. 4 In our weakness and distress, Rock of Strength, be thou our stay; in the pathless wilderness be our true and living Way. 5 Keep us faithful, keep us pure, keep us evermore thine own. Help, O help us to endure, fit us for thy promised crown.

Hymn 604 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu