Hymn 608
The glory of the spring how sweet

The glory of the spring how sweet! The new-born life how glad! That joy the happy earth to greet, In new, bright raiment clad! Divine Renewer, Thee I bless; I greet Thy going forth; Love Thee in the loveliness, Of Thy renewed earth. That O these wonders of Thy grace, These nobler works of Thine, These marvels sweeter far to trace, These new births more divine. This new-born glow of faith so strong, This bloom of love so fair, His new-born ecstasy of song, And fragrancy of prayer! Creator Spirit, work in me, These wonders sweet of Thine; Divine Renewer, graciously, Renew this heart of mine.

Hymn 608 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu