Hymn 611
LORD, in thy name thy servants plead

LORD, in thy name thy servants plead, And thou hast sworn to hear; Thine is the harvest, thine the seed, The fresh and fading year. 2 Our hope, when autumn winds blew wild, We trusted, Lord, with thee; And still, now spring has on us smiled, We wait on thy decree. 3 The former and the latter rain, The summer sun and air, The green ear, and the golden grain, All thine, are ours by prayer. 4 Thine too by right, and ours by grace, The wondrous growth unseen, The hopes that soothe, the fears that brace, The love that shines serene. 5 So grant the precious things brought forth By sun and moon below, That thee in thy new heaven and earth We never may forego.

Hymn 611 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu