Hymn 621
The year is swiftly waning

1 The year is swiftly waning, The summer days are past; And life, brief life, is speeding: The end is nearing fast. 2 The ever-changing seasons In silence come and go; But Thou, Eternal Father, No time or change canst know. 3 Oh! pour Thy grace upon us That we may worthier be, Each year that passes o'er us, To dwell in Heaven with Thee. 4 Behold, the bending orchards With bounteous fruit are crowned; Lord, in our hearts more richly Let heavenly fruits abound. 5 Oh! by each mercy sent us, And by each grief and pain, By blessings like the sunshine, And sorrows like the rain, 6 Our barren hearts make fruitful With every goodly grace, That we Thy Name may hallow, And see at last Thy Face.

Hymn 621 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu