Hymn 628
Whom oceans part, O Lord, unite

1. Whom oceans part, O Lord, unite To love Thy name and seek Thy light; Though from each other far we be, Let none, O Christ, be far from Thee. 2. On many a distant island shore Still let men see Heavenís opened door; íMid silent hills, beneath fresh skies, Let Bethelís shining ladder rise. 3. Bring thoughts of home and Christian ways, To those who miss sweet Sabbath days; The long-forgotten prayer recall, To those who sin, and mourn their fall. 4. Our sons and daughters guide in truth; Take for Thyself the flower of youth; Afar from home, through gain or loss, Keep them true hearted to Thy cross. 5. Whom oceans part, O Lord, uniteó One commonwealth for God and right; A ransomed people, strong and free, To bring the whole wide world to Thee!

Hymn 628 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu