Hymn 630
Father, Who art alone

1 Father, Who art alone Our helper and our stay, Oh, hear us as we plead For loved ones far away, And shield with thine almighty hand, And shield with Thine almighty hand Our wanderers by sea and land. 2 For Thou, our Father God, Art present everywhere, And bendest low Thine ear To catch the faintest prayer, Waiting rich blessings to bestow, On all Thy children here below. 3 O, compass with Thy love The daily path they tread; And may Thy light and truth Upon their hearts be shed, That, one in all things with Thy will, Heavenís peace and joy their souls may fill. 4 Guard them from every harm When dangers shall assail, And teach them that Thy power Can never, never fail; We cannot with our loved ones be, But trust them, Father, unto Thee. 5 We all are travelers here Along life's various road, Meeting and parting oft Till we shall mount to God, At home at last, with those we love, Within Thy fatherland above.

Hymn 630 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu