Hymn 632
God bless our native land

1 God bless our native land; Godís all-protecting hand Still guard our shore; May peace her sway extend, Foe be transformed to friend, And Britianís power depend On war no more. 2 Lord God our monarch bless, Girded with righteousness, Long may she reign! Her heart inspire and move, With wisdom from above, Throned on a nationís love, Her power maintain. 3 Break, Lord, all lawless might; Founded in truth and right, Stablish our laws; God of all equity, Set Thou the captive free; Give the poor liberty, Judge Thou his cause. 4 Nor on this land alone, But be Thy mercies known From shore to shore. Lord, make the nations see All men should brothers be, One league, one family, One, the world oíer.

Hymn 632 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu