Hymn 635
To thee, our God, we fly

1 To thee, our God, we fly for mercy and for grace; O hear our lowly cry, and hide not thou thy face. Refrain: O Lord, stretch forth thy mighty hand, and guard and bless our father land. 2 Arise, O Lord of hosts! Be jealous for thy name, And drive from out our coasts The sins that put to shame. [Refrain] 3 Give peace, Lord, in our time, O let no foe draw nigh, nor lawlessness and crime insult thy majesty. [Refrain] 4 The powers ordained by thee with heavenly wisdom bless; may thy thy servants be, and rule in righteousness. [Refrain] 5 The Church of thy dear Son inflame with love's pure fire, bind her once more in one; with life and truth inspire. [Refrain] 6 Thy best gifts from on high in rich abundance pour, that we may magnify And praise thee evermore. [Refrain]

Hymn 635 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu