Hymn 642
GOD of eternity, Lord of the Ages

1 GOD of eternity, Lord of the Ages, Father and spirit and Saviour of men! Thine is the glory of time’s numbered pages; Thine is the power to revive us again. 2 Thankful, we come toThee, Lord of the nations, Praising Thy faithfulness, mercy and grace, Shown to our fathers in past generations, Pledge of Thy love to our people and race. 3 Far from our ancient home, sundered by oceans, Zion is builded and God is adored; Lift we our hearts in united devotions; Ends of the earth, join in praise to the Lord! 4 Beauteous this land of ours. Bountiful Giver! Brightly the heavens Thy glory declare, Streameth the sunlight on hill, plain and river, Shineth Thy Cross over fields rich and fair. 5 Pardon our sinfulness, God of all pity, Call to remembrance Thy church to abide as a city Strengthen Thy Church to abide as a city Set on a hill for a light to Thy fold. 6 Head of the Church on earth, risen, ascended! Thine is the honour that dwells in this place; As Thou hast blessed us through years that have ended, Still lift upon us the light of Thy face.

Hymn 642 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu