Hymn 673
God, who created me

1. God, who created me nimble and light of limb, In three elements free, to run, to ride, to swim; Not when the sense is dim, but now from the heart of joy, I would remember Him; take the thanks of a boy. 2. Jesus, King and Lord, whose are my foes to fight, Gird me with Thy sword, swift and sharp and bright. Thee would I serve if I might, and conquer if I can: From day-dawn to night, take the strength of a man. 3. Spirit of love and truth, breathing in grosser clay, The light and flame of youth, delight of men in the fray, Wisdom in strength’s decay; from pain, strife, wrong to be free This best gift I pray, take my spirit to Thee

Hymn 673 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu