Hymn 70
Come, praise your Lord and Saviour

1. Come, praise your Lord and Saviour In strains of holy mirth; Give thanks to Him, O children, Who lived a child on earth He loved the little children And called them to His side; He loving arms embraced them, And for their sake He died. Boys only 2. O Jesus, we would praise Thee With songs of holy joy, For Thou on earth didst sojourn, a pure and spotless boy, Make us like Thee, obedient, Like Thee from sin-stains free, Like Thee in God’s own temple, In lowly home like Thee. Girls only 3. O Jesus, we too praise Thee, The lowly maiden’s son; In thee all gentlest graces Are gathered into one. O give that best adornment That Christian maid can wear, The meek and quiet spirit Which shone in Thee so fair. All 4. O Lord, with voices blended We sing our songs of praises; Be Thou the light and pattern Of all our childhood’s days; That, while we stay below, We may, like Thee, O Jesus, In grace and wisdom grow.

Hymn 70 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu