Hymn 85
When the Lord of Love was here

1. When the Lord of Love was here, Happy hearts to Him were dear, Though His heart was sad; Worn and lonely for our sake, Yet He turned aside to make All the weary glad. 2. Meek and lowly were His ways; From His loving grew His praise, From His giving, prayer; All the outcasts thronged to hear; All the sorrowful drew near To enjoy His care. 3. When He walked the fields, He drew From the flowers, and birds, and dew, Parables of God; For within His heart of love All the soul of man did move, God had His abode. 4. Lord, be ours Thy power to keep, In the very heart of grief, And in trial, love; In our meekness to be wise, And through sorrow to arise To our God above. 5. Fill us with Thy deep desire All the sinful to inspire With the Fatherís life; Free us from the cares that press On the heart of worldliness, From the fret and strife. 6. And, when in the fields and woods We are filled with Natureís moods, May the grace be given With Thy faithful heart to say ĎAll I see and feel today Is my Fatherís heavení.

Hymn 85 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu