Hymn 94
Weep not for Him who onward bears

1. Weep not for Him who onward bears His Cross to Calvary; He does not ask manís pitying tears, Who wills for man to die. 2. The awful sorrow of His face, The bowing of His frame, Come not from torture nor disgrace; He fears not cross nor shame. 3. There is a deeper pang of grief, An agony unknown In which His love finds no relief He bears it all alone. 4. He sees the souls from whom He dies Yet clinging to their sin, And heirs of mansions in the skies Who will not enter in. 5. O may I in Thy sorrow share, And morn that sins of mine Should ever wound with grief or care That loving heart of Thine.

Hymn 94 THE PCN New Haven, Enugu