Pursuing your dreams will involve you stepping out of your comfort zone and might also expose you to facing difficult times, rejection from people, taking risks, stress, disappointments etc. It's normal, I regard all of them as temporary pain. Nothing good they say, comes easy. But don't feel quitting the dream and settling down for a normal life will make you feel better. There's no absolute comfort in life, not even in comfort zones. People who willingly gave up on life and quit their dreams are living the rest of their lives on the strings someone else pulled. An unlived life, an unpursued dream and a ducked responsibility ends in resentment and bitterness. For the course we posses, we have decided to live life to the fullest and also to strive through our challenges and achieve success. Fight the fight today, endure the pain. You are not alone in this struggle and "Even though we don't know when this battle is going to end, I am sure we are going to win" DON'T QUIT YOUR DREAMS. It's our Time to Shine!

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